Pet of the Month – July 2013

by on August 14th, 2013

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EmilyLucky Black Cat….

A concerned member of the public had pushed a note through our practice door in Arundel informing us that a cat had apparently fallen into the River Arun and had managed to scramble out but the note said it didn’t look good. The RSPCA had been contacted but said they would not be able to attend for some time. The note showed where the cat could be found and had the phone number of the person who had spotted her. After speaking to the lady, who didn’t think the cat would last much longer, our vet Ellie went to investigate.

Peering over the wall where the cat had last been seen Ellie could see the little cat, huddled up and shivering. The lady was right, it didn’t look good. Ellie climbed over the wall and down onto the ledge where she was and lifted her out from the bushes. The poor cat was wet through and freezing cold and quite disorientated. She began crying so loudly that the nearby neighbours came out to see what the racket was. One local kindly fetched a towel and Ellie returned to the practice with a very cold and confused little cat. She didn’t have any injuries except for badly damaged nails from trying to scramble up the riverbank but was suffering from hypothermia. Her temperature was so low it wouldn’t even read on the thermometer. A nurse quickly collected the cat and took it back to Littlehampton for hospitalisation.

Once there she was put on warm intravenous fluids and placed in a warming oxygen tent. After a few hours her temperature returned to normal and she began to look much happier. Thankfully Emily was micro-chipped and so we were able to contact her owners who came straight down to see her. The following day she was able to go home. We hope she won’t go exploring too close to the river again.

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