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Pet of the Month May

by admin on May 19th, 2010

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When Bryn started drinking more water and leaving puddles at night little did we think that a complex series of blood tests, urine tests and radiographs would be required to reach a diagnosis. Poor Bryn was found to have a malignant tumour called a lymphoma is his chest cavity. He was referred to national cancer specialists VRCC who confirmed a diagnosis and instituted treatment. He has now been on a complex oral and intravenous chemotherapy regime for the last 3 months and is doing extremely well. He has been the perfect patient and has tolerated all this interference graciously and without complaint.


Pet of the Month April

by admin on May 6th, 2010

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Hugo was a real star and a pleasure to look after. Lack of response to routine treatment for a high temperature and lethargy led us to carry out blood tests and radiographs. When even these failed to explain Hugo’s symptoms a spinal fluid tap and joint fluid taps were performed. The poor lad was found to have immune mediated polyarthritis and associated meningitis. We are pleased to say that high doses of steroids led to a rapid recovery.

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