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Neutering Offer – 20% Discount – March 2010

by admin on February 22nd, 2010

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All owners are welcome to bring their pets in to the surgery for a free pre-operative check-up to ensure they are in sufficiently good health for neutering to be undertaken. Neutering carried out during March 2010 will receive a 20% discount off the normal procedure price (excludes buster collars and additional medications such as antibiotics and painkillers, and does not apply to emergency weekend or out-of-hours neutering).

Examples of fees are given below and estimates will be given on request.

Vets are very worried about the growing number of unwanted pets being rescued by local charities such as WADARS and nationally by charities such as the RSPCA.  Neutering has a dramatic impact on the national numbers of strays and unwanted pregnancies, especially in cats whose owners may have no wish to breed from their pet.

Additionally neutering can have other significant benefits.  In male cats and dogs it will mean no possibility of testicular tumours and a greatly reduced incidence of prostatic disorders.  Behaviourally there may be other significant benefits both in terms of temperament and a reduced tendency to vagrancy and aggression.  In females womb infections and ovarian cysts/tumours will no longer be a worry as your pet gets older and the incidence of mammary tumours is greatly reduced as well.  In bitches spaying eliminates the messiness of coming in to season and the need to control unwanted male advances.

The normal charges before discount is applied are:

CATS Castration £44.99
Spay £54.99
DOGS Castration Ranges from £99.99   (0-10kg)
£112.99  (30-40kg)
To £122.99  (50+kg)
Spay Ranges from £125.99  (0-10kg)
£142.99  (30-40kg)
To £189.99  (55+kg)

Voucher required – please ask at reception for one or

click here to download the Neutering Voucher pdf [29kb]

Please note that free dental checkups only include advice on dental matters. If advice is required on other issues a consultation fee will be charged.

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Pet of the Month – February

by admin on February 22nd, 2010

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Ginger, a delightful eight month old kitten returned home after an absence of three weeks. He had been involved in a road traffic accident evidenced by damaged nails and a broken tail, which sadly needed to be amputated. Despite the loss of his bushy rudder, he made a rapid and full recovery. Lets hope he has learnt from his wanderings to take greater care in future.