Protect Your Pet From Potential Killers in the Home!

by on May 3rd, 2013

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Dog grapesPET LIFESAVERS is a completely free series of online presentations from The Veterinary Expert: Register at It is all about giving you the knowledge you need to protect your pet from hidden dangers in the home and to help you recognise and deal with emergency situations.

What would you do if you came home to find your cute dachshund tucking into those lovely Belgian chocolates a friend gave you as a gift? Would you shout and stomp around? Would you see if you could salvage a few for later? Maybe you would say ‘oh well’ and let him finish them off? Would you recognise a potential emergency situation and call your vet?

Watch the PET LIFESAVERS webinars and discover:

  • What to do if your cat or dog has a fit
  • How to tell if they have been poisoned
  • Which everyday human foods can kill
  • Dangers in the house
  • Dangers in the garden
  • How to deal with insect bites and stings
  • The ABCs of emergency first aid for cats and dogs

cat lilyIn the first webinar, you will learn crucial aspects of first aid for your cat or dog. Paul discusses how to treat cuts and minor wounds and tells you what to do if things are more serious! Know what you should do if you have to transport an injured pet to your vet or emergency clinic. Listen to Paul explain what to do with bites and stings and how best to deal with vomiting and diarrhoea. Please register for the webinar series now and we will email you a link to all of the recordings.

The second and third sessions cover dangerous foods and poisons – some of these you will know about and some you won’t so don’t miss these!

Also learn about the signs and behaviours your pet may show that indicate GENUINE EMERGENCIES – Signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

Registering for the Pet Lifesavers Programme will help you to deal with first aid and emergency situations. You will have a much clearer idea about those things that are poisonous for your cat or dog and be much better tuned in to signs and behaviours that should be making those alarm bells ring. Take advantage of this completely free programme to become a better guardian and protector of your pet – their life is in your hands!

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