Pet of the Month – Feb 2013

by on February 1st, 2013

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MillyMilly, a 2 year old Labrador cross, was brought into our surgery because she had been vomiting intermittently for two days and had stopped eating. Within the vomit were small amount of a rubber backed coconut mat she had partly eaten two days previously. Fearing that more may remain inside her we advised that x-rays be taken of Milly’s abdomen. Initially x-rays were unrevealing. As some foreign bodies do not show up on x-rays we then gave Milly a barium meal. The barium, which coats the bowels and shows up clearly on x-rays, should move progressively through the gastrointestinal tract indicating that the bowel lumen is patent. On viewing Milly’s barium x-rays a large amount of radio-opaque material could clearly be seen in the stomach however there was no movement on into the intestines. It was agreed that surgery was needed. On exploratory laparotomy a large amount of matting was found in and removed from Milly’s stomach and duodenum.

Milly recovered well from surgery and was hospitalised until she was eating and defecating normally. We are pleased to report that Milly is doing really well and is back to her happy doggy self.


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