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by on January 4th, 2013

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LolliWe start the New Year’s Pet Of The Month with a 10-year-old Lurcher called Lolli. She was brought into our clinic as a stray 9 years ago when she was about 8 months old. Nobody ever came forward for Lolli so one of our staff decided to take her on and give her a loving home.

Lolli has always been a very active happy dog with a beautiful nature, however for the last four years she has been on anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis. About a year ago Lolli suddenly deteriorated. Her owner thought it seemed to worsen after she attempted to dive down a rabbit hole. Lolli was very lame and very sad. Alongside rest Lolly was tried on a variety of different drugs to try and give her some relief from her obvious pain. Nothing seemed to work.

Further investigations revealed advanced destructive joint disease. Lolli’s quality of life was seriously compromised – she was just not a happy dog anymore. After much soul-searching it was decided that the only option left that would give some hope of restoring Lolli’s quality of life would be to have her leg amputated.

This proved to be the right decision as when her leg was removed it was found that her joint had disintegrated from the terrible arthritis. Lolli recovered well. She was taken to the park every day where she would walk just a few steps. It is just as important for a dog’s emotional welfare to give them some fresh air and a change of scenery as it is for us humans. Lolli’s owner felt this helped stop her becoming depressed.

We are pleased to report that Lolli is now a different dog! She loves having a roly-poly and can go for short distance walks. She is so much happier and cheekier and is even more sociable with other canines she meets when out and about (she could be a bit of a snappy monkey beforehand if other dogs got too close to her). All of this is proof that the decision to amputate Lolli’s leg was the right choice for her.

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