Pet of the Month – November

by on November 5th, 2012

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PoppyAlthough poor Poppy has really been through the mill, she has remained a gentle and perfect patient throughout. Poppy’s troubles started some months ago when she began to vomit each morning before eating. Response to treatment was poor so tests were carried out. Blood tests, radiographs and ultrasonography indicated pancreatitis however Poppy did not respond well to medication and her symptoms persisted. This necessitated endoscopy and biopsy of her stomach and intestines. The results showed Poppy to be suffering from an unusual form of inflammatory bowel disease as well as probable chronic pancreatitis. She was treated with a different medication to reduce acid production in her stomach and put on a special diet that would be suitable for dogs with inflammatory and allergic bowel disorders. She also has to wear an appropriate type of muzzle when exercising to stop her eating any interesting morsels she might come across. All is going very well and we are delighted to report Poppy is back to being the bouncy labrador we knew of old.

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