Autumn Worm & Flea product Promotion 2009

by admin on October 5th, 2009

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flea1Stamp out flea problems……It might be cold outside but your warm home makes an ideal breeding ground for fleas – the risk to your pet never goes away. That’s why it’s so important to keep up regular treatment, whatever the time of year.

Nature has given worms many ways of surviving and multiplying, many of them almost unbelievably complicated. But however improbable these strategies may seem, they are highly successful – so successful, in fact, that it is safe to say that a dog which is never treated is virtually certain to be infected with worms at some time in its life.

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association recommends worming all dogs and cats at least every 3 months. Take advantage of our Offer to buy a year’s supply of any wormer for your pet and you will receive a 25% Discount – 4 doses for the price of 3!

Offer applies until 31st November 2009 on production of a printed copy of this page.


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