Pet of the month – January

by on January 16th, 2012

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Bella, a three year old French Lop rabbit has made a most amazing recovery from the killer disease Myxomatosis.Within days of contracting the disease, Bella’s face and body broke out in multiple blisters which were sore to the touch and she became very lethargic. After a consultation at the surgery she was put on antibiotics to control secondary bacterial infections.  A secretolytic was used to help with her breathing and anti-inflammatories to control her pain.

For just over a month she was kept at home in a temperature controlled room with a vaporizer going continuously and with cotton wool soaked in olbas oil wrapped around the bars of her cage to help with her breathing.

Within the first week Bella stopped drinking however her appetite remained good, and so parsley was given soaked in water to keep her fluid levels up. Eventually she progressed to drinking on her own again. Twice daily sponge baths were given to clear the discharge from her nose and her cage was cleaned at least once a day. With hard work, around the clock care and weekly vet visits Bella is now making a full recovery and her very cheeky personality is back!

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