Pet of the month – May 2020

by admin on May 5th, 2020

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Pet of the Month for May is handsome Hadley, who has featured in this slot before.

He rejoins us this month as a reminder of how short a time it takes for a pet to rifle through an owner’s bag when their back is turned – in this case eating a packet of ibuprofen!

Ibuprofen is highly toxic and will cause gastrointestinal upset, including ulceration and acute kidney injury.

Luckily Hadley’s predilection for items that cannot be in the least bit tasty was noticed immediately. Vomiting was induced and he promptly brought up the tablets and remains of the packet. Activated charcoal was also administered.

We are delighted to report that he is back to his normal self and suffered no ill-effects.

Feb - Hadley

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