Pet of the Month – March 2016

by admin on March 2nd, 2016

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Max developed marked swelling of opposite fore and hind limbs within hours of a muddy walk. Rather uniquely he had emphysema and oedema in his legs. Max was depressed and inappetant and the following day developed skin lesions and a low platelet count was detected on his routine bloods. He was sent to Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists for fear he had contracted Alabama Rot and he was continued on aggressive fluid therapy, pentoxyphylline, a drug that helps stop vasculitis and general intensive care with frequent monitoring of his platelets and kidney parameters. His urine output was monitored. His feet were maintained in dressings and antibiotics were used for the secondary infections which occurred following the skin lesions and he had opiates for analgesia. Acute Kidney Injury typically develops in 1-10 days so this protocol was continued until he had passed the 10 day mark and then medications were continued until his skin lesions resolved.

Max was home in time for Christmas and we are delighted to report that he has continued to do well.

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