Pet of the Month – November 2015

by admin on November 2nd, 2015

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pet of the month fitzalan house  pet of the month fitzalan house

Gemma has had a very lucky escape!

She went lame whilst chasing a ball over the weekend. When this failed to resolve her owner brought her to the surgery for examination. Gemma’s right foreleg was found to be painful and swollen so she was admitted so radiographs could be taken.

We were shocked to discover that a 30cm long metal rod had penetrated her body in the region of her right shoulder and got stuck behind her shoulder blade, missing her chest by millimetres (see image on right). It had obviously been protruding from an unseen object and broken off inside Gemma as she ran by, leaving no visible exterior sign of injury, such as laceration or bleeding, to indicate that she had been impaled.

We used the radiographs to define the rod’s location and it was then surgically removed. We are delighted to report that Gemma, who has been a fantastic patient, is recovering extremely well!

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