Pet of the Month – March

by on April 12th, 2012

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This is Darlene, a 6yr old Bedlington Terrier and Whippet cross. She came to the clinic because her owner noticed that she was urinating with increased frequency. Darlene was diagnosed as having Uroliths ie bladder stones which were irritating and inflaming the bladder wall. Stones are a common occurrence in animals, varying in size and numbers; they can occur secondary to infection or because of dietary influences and genetics. Some stones can be dissolved using dietary modification, so Darlene was put on a special Urinary diet. Unfortunately the diet failed to dissolve the stones and it was agreed that surgery was necessary.

Darlene was admitted for a cystotomy to remove the stones. The operation was successful and two large stones were removed from Darlene’s bladder. Darlene recovered well from her operation and we are very pleased to say she is doing well.

You can see the stones on the radiograph as well as in a kidney dish after surgery was completed.

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